Britestar Productions is a “launching” pad for all forms of artistic expression from music (writing soundtracks for film, theme songs for our cartoon series etc), to theatre, and digital media (our cartoons, short films)

*The scroll style that I really like is found here… ** This is my friend’s website and they are strictly a film production company. The scroll style that really appealed to me is found at the bottom of Location – the stagger and also the seamless bleed in of the photos into one another**

We currently don’t have much to put under the sections but eventually for example under music, we will be featuring the soundtrack that I am currently writing and producing for the cartoons, we also have another writer from Israel; under our Film & Media will feature our cartoons of course; Under Performing Arts/ Theatre we have a couple feature plays in LA that will be coming on board once our site is up!

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Concept Art

Benny & The Celestials

Take a look at the various concept art our creative team has developed for Benny & The Celestials. These sketches and design are in their early stages which Brite Start is looking to develop into a full scale cartoon series and brand.

We are in the process of adding more artists to our team so if you have a talent for illustration or know someone who does contact us at any time. Send us some examples of your work along with your skills and experience and you may hear from us.

We also welcome your ongoing feedback for Benny & The Celestials so please feel free to let us know your thoughts. BATC is a family based cartoon series with a focus on bringing back family families and being a huge advocate for anti-bullying.


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